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    Work and workplaces can be bewildering, complicated and competitive jungles.  They can be severe and have sudden changes.  They can be “dark” too, since they may lack complete or accurate information, communications and support.  Yet work can be, and should be very rewarding, including providing deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

    At times, every worker may benefit by possessing a dependable “light” for better understanding and response to surrounding opportunities and risks. In many situations workers need to make their own light shine brighter, so that others can better see their qualities or better appreciate ideas and concerns.  Dependable tools, guidance and resources are needed.  That’s what we offer. 

    You may be a seasoned worker performing your role at a desk, assembly station, hospital bed, front counter, cockpit, classroom, shipping dock, steering wheel or while on patrol.  This is a site of guidance and support for all workers, whether you are presently seeking new work or are freshly placed into your first work role.  Yes, you may be a manager, supervisor or leader of others, for you too are a worker.  You may be interested in getting a fatter paycheck (or not losing the one you’re getting), advancement, having less anxiety and frustration, simply being happier at work or focused on surviving the latest rumors about pending layoffs. 

    We encourage you to join with us and learn, share thoughts, seek solutions to your problems and offer your experiences and ideas.  Help us make this place “a light in the jungle” that workers in all situations and professions seem to sorely need nowadays.  It’s a new agenda and we’ll be evolving in many directions that none of us can presently imagine.

    Our objective is simple: outfit workers with whatever they require for gaining and keeping satisfying work. You may not presently believe this to be possible, but we believe it is.  We’ve seen it work first hand in a wide variety of circumstances.  You may be presently enjoying good work.  If so, we encourage you to consider becoming a guide or mentor to others who may benefit by learning of your personal techniques and experiences.

    You probably should know upfront: we’re not a good place for “work whiners” or “work weenies.”  This community is designed to benefit folks who are seriously committed to making their work better and who are willing to do what it takes as a quality performer to gain and keep good work.  This is a place for seeking solutions, not pity.  Those who are wanting to toss out unreasonable complaints, inappropriately blame others, wallow in their misery and usher excuses for inaction, laziness and lack of effort may not find sympathy here. 

    On the other hand, if you have legitimate concerns about your workplace and work-related issues that you are unable to resolve alone, we are a safe harbor for confidential, private expression, advice and applicable remedial actions.

    And no, we are not an “us against them” place.  Good organizations, and their leaders and managers aren’t “the enemy.”  Indeed, quite the opposite.  We’re about “we.”  Good work’s always about we, for the best way to take care of “me” is by placing attention to “we.”

    We’re a new kind of tribe with no hidden agenda. Quite the opposite.  Our manifesto is over in the right hand column.  Read it carefully.  We ask that you think about it, and if it resonates as right to you: embrace it.  Begin to learn what you need to know by reading Work’s A We Thing (which you should have in your possession by now).

    We propose, seek and enable strong, mutually rewarding relationships between workers and organizations.  We are proponents of the practice of Relationship Performance™.  We believe both the organization and workers have choices and that each can thrive by being the preferred choice in the desirable relationships they seek to form and sustain with each other.  We believe both parties have accountability for the functional performance of any work function.  We are imparting to workers (and candidates) the knowledge, philosophy and principles that explains and more reliably responds to today’s universal workplace realities. To some we’re revolutionary, while to others: “at last!”

  We do seek these workplace philosophies to become a “positive movement” that makes lives, organizations and societies better.  But that will be largely up to you. 

    Sure it can be a jungle out there in the world of work.  We know that.  So we urge you to learn the rules of the jungle and respond effectively to whatever circumstances you have to better gain what you want and need from your work.  Make yourself competitively capable and personally accountable for creating a very good work life by shining a bright light that others can see clearly within your work jungle.  Yes, it’s our tribe’s desire that you’ll soon realize the best light for your jungle is you, your good mind and your well-executed, satisfying work performance.  We encourage you to become a practicing and contributing member of our community.  We’ll help you shine bright!

    We are your JungleLight Community.

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1. Work occupies a significant portion of life  and is too important not to be enjoyable.  When work is good, life is better.

2. Fortunately, peak personal work performance is consistent and congruent with satisfying work. Thus, experiencing happiness when performing work can conditionally* provide both personal work security and success.

3. Good work takes place within relationships based upon both parties meeting their respective responsibilities for performance to each other. This must be established and maintained by quality dialog and explicit agreement. A good workplace relationship is an innovative collaboration between a worker and their organization. 

4. Good work relationships are empowered and realized by worker’s creating personal options; then from these options, exercising choice in a predictable manner.  Predictability is derived from clarity of self-understanding and well-informed work role understanding that are combined to provide a reliable forecast of a work role relationship.

The practice of the above is known as

Relationship Performance™

* The conditions?

- A worker must share accountability to accurately ensure that their work is what the organization needs to be done.  

- Unforeseen situations can occur beyond the influence and control of organizations or workers.